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Why bring in a consultant?

A visual branding consultant can be an incredibly cost-effective way of achieving your goals at retail and can deliver an inspired breath of fresh air for the delight of your customers, employees and your brand.

Visualoso works to understand the DNA of your business, your goals, who your customers are and what your business style is. Then puts into place an effective strategy that’s right for your particular need.


A great consultant can:


  • Help to increase retail sales

  • Look at your business through a new lens. I can’t tell you how many times clients respond with “ Wow, I never looked at it that way.”

  • Delight customers with a shopping new experience

  • Amplify a promotion

  • Create newness in visual focus areas

  • Help you think about your brand and business in a different way

  • Direct you through best practices around seasonal merchandising and fluctuations in space and inventory

  • Train staff on merchandising and sales best practices

  • Suggest, design, source and manage production of P.O.P collateral, retail marketing material, fixtures, window displays and tester units

  • Collaborate to set strategy for implementation

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