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What is a Visualoso Brand Exam?
1. Ideation & Concept Development

Working to understand the DNA of your business; what are your current challenges, long range goals, who your customers are and what your business style is.


  • Where you are right now

  • What is working

  • What not working

  • What do you believe is standing in your way? Why?

  • Where you want to go

  • What is your budget


2. Concept Refinement

Visualoso analyzes and develops a prioritized plan to meet these goals, providing the following:


  • Recommendation for a direction that will help you meet your goals - A list of what is working well in the store and what needs change or improvement.

  • Implementation strategy - A step-by-step plan to improve, the identified areas that need work, within your budget and time frame with resource for execution

  • Suggestions for design and production of POS material, window displays and tester units. With our extensive network of production partners anything is within your reach.

  • Project Management - Outline for ongoing support for the projects you choose to implement. Either by phone or in person depending on preference.


Just as your product is unique, so is our approach to strengthening your vision,
focusing on your unique brand, product, environment, budget and goals.
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