noun 1. the formation of ideas or concepts.


No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your ideas, Visualoso can help you:








Stop talking about your future and let’s start building it. 


Brands must define who they are and where they want to play in the retail landscape in order to best define merchandising direction. A lack of visual strategy can be detrimental to business success.

Visualoso will help to define your Brand Visual Voice.  Working in conjunction with current brand strategy to develop new dimensions of creative possibilities and real solutions supported by tactical direction. 


Overall strategy – defining what the Brand objectives are and what's
needed to achieve them 

A tactical strategy on how to achieve these new visual objectives. A plan for design and implementation direction


A Brand is not something you create once and leave alone. The most effective brands are dynamic; tended to regularly, given the resources and exposed to the expertise they need to evolve.  


Whether your established or launching, a “Visualoso Brand Exam” will work to review where you are, where you want to be and how and/or what needs to be adjusted to get you there. 


  • Font, Logo, Texture and Tone

  • Vision

  • Positioning

  • Marketing

  • Product or Service Offering  

  • Identity and Culture 

Design & Production

Collaborating with internal teams and external partners to create innovative, design-forward solutions that are respectful of fiscal parameters.


Visualoso has cultivated relationships with a talented and trusted network of manufacturers. With a seasoned understanding of the retail landscape I can design and manage client’s projects from concept to rollout. 


  • Print Production

  • Fixtures, P.O.P. and Window Displays   

  • Custom Fabrication








If Branding is your visual voice then Standards are your sheet music.

Standards are essential tools to educate and reinforce your visual expectations through specific merchandising direction.


Educating staff and retailers about your standards will vastly improve your presentation, instill confidence in selling teams and help to improve sales. 

Visualoso will develop clear guidelines to support each client's unique business.


  • Planograms for proper product placement

  • Best practices in visual merchandising

  • Marketing collateral placement standards

  • Specific merchandising techniques necessary to stay on-brand

Freelance Merchandising Services

Working autonomously, as a member of or leading your team, working with Visualoso’s network of seasoned freelance Visual Merchandisers and Stylists add tasteful and compelling impact to your visual stories.  


  • Store Windows

  • Interior Display Styling and Construction

  • Sourcing & Prototypes

  • Pop Up Shops  

  • Special Events

  • Tradeshows Showrooms