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  • What if you just need a little seasoned visual advice?
    I am so happy to offer “Pick my Brain”. An affordable remote consulting session. Let me be your creative resource and sounding board. Before you make a major investment in a project consider spending a small fraction of that to tap the mind of over 100k hours worth of Visual Merchandising and Design experience. I can help with concept, branding, merchandising and marketing advise. So I can share my years of Visual Merchandising and Design experience with you wherever you are and help shape your creative projects and grow your business and brand. One session could save you money and time.
  • What is your creative process?
    Though each project is unique in its needs, we generally follow a simple 5-step process: Ideation & Concept Development Concept Refinement Source, Sample, Approval & Order Install/Implement Debrief
  • What is your process for onboarding new projects?
    1. ORIENTATION Starting with a brand orientation we get to know your brand, inside and out. We work with you and your team to identify the brand vision and target market to make sure that everything we create for you drives your brand forward and has a true impact. No cookie cutters here. 2. GAME PLAN At this point, we develop concepts as well as images, sketches, and early renderings to narrow down the look and feel. Making no assumptions, we work together to create the foundation of your store design. 3. CREATE Now we dive into the details, refining the experiences throughout the space. From renderings to a full set of drawings, to fixture detailing, each aspect is designed and considered to make a flawless experience of your brand in store. 4. MAKE We were founded as a production and execution team, and we are experts. Our account managers, workshop team and construction managers will ensure that everything is on track and on budget. All mechanical, production and construction files are produced. Down to the last bolt we make sure that everything will come together smoothly.
  • Why work with a Consultant?
    A visual branding consultant can be an incredibly cost-effective way of achieving your goals at retail and can bring and inspired breath of fresh air for you’re your customers, your employees and your business. A good consultant works to understand the DNA of your business, your goals, who your customers are and what your business style is, then helps put into place an effective strategy that’s right for your particular needs. A consultant can: -Help to increase retail sales -Look at your business through a new lens. I can’t tell you how many times clients respond with “ Wow, I never looked at it that way.” -Delight customers with a shopping new experience -Amplify a promotion -Create newness in visual focus areas -Help you think about your brand in a different way -Direct you through best practices around fluctuations in space and inventory -Train staff on merchandising and sales best practices -Suggest, design and produce POS graphics and collateral, retail marketing material, window displays and tester units -Collaborate to set strategy for implementation (how long will the moves take, how many people will be required, when should the work be done, etc.)
  • What a Brand Exam?
    Whether your established or launching a Visualoso Brand Exam is an in-depth review of: where you are, where you want to be and how and/or what needs to be adjusted to get you there. Taking into consideration the following: Font, Logo, Texture and Tone Vision Positioning Product or Service Offering Identity
  • Do you work with all size of businesses?
    Yes from a single event, popup or boutique store to a working with global brands, Visualoso can help clarify your vision.
  • Some things to consider....
    Things to think about: What are you hoping to achieve by working with a visual merchandising consultant? Do you want someone to be the hands-on labor behind your plan or are you looking for more of a collaborative effort and learning opportunity? What are you willing to spend to achieve your goals? Keep in mind that if your relationship with your consultant is effective, your return on investment will more than outweigh his/her costs. Do you desire an ongoing relationship with your consultant or just a one-time project? Obviously this can change over time, but consider if you really just need help with your store re-model or would consider regular visits to keep your visual projects effective. Who on your staff do you want your consultant to interact with? How will you measure the effectiveness of the collaboration?
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