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Importance of Merchandising

In today's retail climate, unique and memorable storytelling is a critical part of a brand’s expression, online and in-store, and Visual Merchandising is retail’s version of storytelling. It’s the functional and theatrical arrangement of products that only physical retail can do. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that attracts, engages, inspires, and motivates customers to fall in love with your products and your brand, and it can ultimately drive purchase. Equal parts art and science, Visual Merchandising plays to our own instinctive responses and emotional drivers around color, scale, shape, symmetry, repetition, and pattern.

Before you can create meaningful, memorable merchandise displays and product stories you must first consider the audience—your current and future shoppers. Every design and display decision should be grounded in the desires of your shopper, and on how they want to live.

Here are some tips for creating compelling displays:

  • Invest in great visual merchandising and storytelling where it matters most- at the start of your guests' experience

  • Stir the emotions of your guest by surprising and delighting them with compelling and relevant product stories. Keep it dynamic, fluid, and ever-changing.

  • Create product stories and in-store experiences that people feel passionate about by allowing them to touch, taste, and play with your brand.

  • Engaging all the senses—sight, smell, touch, sound, and even taste- to effectively immerse your guests in a branded, one-of-a-kind experience. Shoppers remember best when their senses and emotions are fully engaged. Because positive, strong memories lead to top-of-mind brand awareness and repeat purchases.

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