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Diversity is not a Trend

Passing on an insightful article I read last week and a personal story. Having been in the Fashion/Beauty Industry my entire career, I have certainly run into my share of challenges.

SCENE: Imagine me-early 90's, for those that know me, it was my heyday.  Early on in my retail sales career. I was brought off the sales floor to discuss the appropriateness of my bleaching my short naturally curly hair. This was said to me by my boss, who clearly had a superior colorist (I'll give her that) who delivered a rich, blonde with a non-brassy tone, but nonetheless had professionally lightened her naturally blonde hair. I looked at her in the eye..."Really, Diane?" Blink. Blink.  Even she was surprised and stunned by her lack of recognition of the glaring double standard that was being applied to the situation. 

LESSON: These are teaching moments and over the years. I work to try to look at them for the important changes that can come from them.

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